Greenwood Chinchillas
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Rescues & Adoption Service

As well as keeping chinchillas as pets and breeding them ourselves, we also attempt to rescue and rehome chinchillas around the country.

In many cases the owners can no longer look after their loved pets, or their pets have bred unexpectedly, but occasionally a badly treated or abused animal may also find its way to us.  Veterinary attention is obtained for all animals that show any signs of discomfort, disease or illness of any type, and during this time are quarantined and not released to new homes until passed fit to do so by both a vet and ourselves. 

So if you are looking to rehome a chinchilla, or to adopt one please feel free to contact us.  We often have kits as well as old animals that have been retired from breeding in large establishments, due to age, boredom by present owner or abandoned.  Most chins are stopped from being used for breeding at 6 or 7 - but can live as long as 20 years (though a normal is around 12-15 years)

If you need to rehome a chinchilla, then we can foster the chinchilla for you until finding a home for it more permanently.  We often have people waiting to give a chinchilla a home when one becomes available.

Greenwood Chinchillas


If you are looking to rescue a chinchilla and give it a good home, then please inform us of any requirements you do have and we will try and match you up with those we know to be available.  Most rescue chinchillas that do reach us are Beige or Standard, requests for unusual colours only will often not be filled.

Generally we will have male chinchillas that come in to us as rescues when paired with a female, neutered to reduce the number of unwanted kits and to ensure there is no danger to older females.

We do ask a small donation fee of £30 upon rehoming an animal to help assist with rehoming costs, cage & food purchases, travel expenses and veterinary bills