Greenwood Chinchillas
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Our Chinchillas

At Greenwood Chinchillas, our chins aren't just our breeding stock.  There are some that started off as personal pets, some bought in specifically for breeding, some of which are not used for breeding at all due to their low quality or genetic problems, and some rescues simply waiting here until new homes can be found - but all are treated the same way as the original pets that remain here.

All chins that are bred from, or the kits we sell, have been checked to ensure as far as possible, that no genetic or teething problems are present in the animal itself or its parents.  All kits sold are sent to their new home with a bag of their current pellets, hay and a printed pedigree.  Pedigrees can range from one generation to five generations - each one showing where known the best award it has received, the colour, DOB and pet name of the animal as well as its breeders code.

We don't allow our females to have more than one litter a year - its dangerous to them and the kits produced are likely to be weak and sickly.

Naming animals has never been easy - so all the chins we have bought in unnamed or bred ourselves have been called after plants! Makes thinking of new names easier - but also more difficult sometimes to make it fit the personality of the Chinchilla!

Greenwood Chinchillas

Some of the chins in our care have come in as rescues, they stay with us for a few weeks to ensure they have no obvious problems. Others will stay long enough to have kits or veterinary attention. These animals do not have a full history, so therefore would not be recommended for future breeding but would still make ideal pets. 

Contact us for details of rescues currently awaiting new homes

Most of the kits that we produce are for sale due to limited space.  Therefore we reluctantly do have to part with them.  For more details see our For Sale page or contact us.