Greenwood Chinchillas
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Chinchilla's Available

Below are some examples of chinchillas we currently have for sale, there are many more than listed - as well as a long list of needy rescues who require new loving homes. 

Got a spare cage?
Why not look after one or two of the large number of fur chewers abandoned every year?  It makes their fur a little tatty but causes them no physical harm or problems - but because they aren’t perfect most people don’t want them.


Some examples of young chins currently for sale:

  • White male and female - approx 3 months old, just ready to go
  • Black Velvet  Males and Females - between 3-6 months
  • Pink White Female - 6 months old
  • Standard Violet Carrying males and Females - 3 months old
  • Standard Sapphire Carrying males and females - ready soon
  • Black Velvet possible Sapphire Carrier Male
  • Black Velvet possible Violet
  • Sapphire Male and Females - ready soon

Award Winning Adults for sale:

  • Reserve Best Mutation Violet Male (proven breeder)
  • Reserve Best Young Mutation Male (proven breeder)
  • Beige Male - 2nd Ribbon (proven breeder)
  • Homo Ebony Male - 3rd Ribbon (proven breeder)

Adult females for sale - all proven breeders