Greenwood Chinchillas
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Welcome To Greenwood Chinchillas

We’ve been keeping and breeding Chinchillas for over 10 years now, and we also take in and re-home rescues that need our help and assistance.

This site aims to provide information about feeding, housing, breeding and showing Chinchillas to ensure that you get the most from taking care of your own Chinchillas - from pet owners to top breaders, everyone is welcome!

Latest News


Due to a change in circumstances most of the Greenwood Chinchilla Herd needs to be sold/re-homed.

For more information please contact us

Bryony & Houdini

We are currently breeding a variety of colour mutations including:

 Standard Greys, Hetro Beige, Whites (Mosaic, Silver & Pink Whites), Violet, Ultra Violet and Violet carriers, Black and Brown Velvets, Black White Cross Sapphire and Sapphire carriers, Royal BlueCharcoal, Pastel, Char Black & Char Brown

(numbers of animals from the Sapphire and Char related lines are limited)


Based in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, Greenwood Chinchillas are members of the UK's National Chinchilla Society and the international Chinchilla Breeders Organisation:

National Chinchilla Society Chinchilla Breeders Organization